Intellectual Property

At HR Legal Solution, our Intellectual Property Protection service goes beyond safeguarding your innovations; it’s about securing the very essence of your business. From trademarks and patents to copyrights and trade secrets, our experts provide a robust shield for your intellectual assets, ensuring your unique creations remain exclusively yours.

Searches and Opinions

Our Freedom to Operate (FTO), Patentability, Right-to-Use, Infringement and Validity opinions, based on searches carried out by our team of experienced professionals, using state of the art databases, pave the way for more effective and well-rounded business decisions.

Patent Drafting and Filing

Effective drafting is at the core of every Patent Application. Our professionals, who have both technical and legal qualifications, are adept at preparing high quality Patent drafts including provisional, complete, divisional, and /or patents of addition, in all fields and industries. Our firm is able to file and handle all kinds of Patent applications at all Indian Patent Offices, as well as in international jurisdictions, through an extensive network of Associates in Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Australia.

Patent Prosecution

We are equipped to prosecute all kinds of Indian and international patent applications and place great emphasis on thorough pre-filing evaluation and effective argumentation, to ensure greater chances of success.

Submission of Form 27

Our dedicated team of paralegals, under the supervision of our Patent Attorneys, file Form 27 (Statement Regarding the Working of Patented Invention (s) on a Commercial Scale in India) for our various clients, within the period stipulated by the Indian Patent Office.


The rejection of a patent application is not the end of the road. The law inter alia provides for appeals to be filed against orders of the Controller of Patents & Designs before appropriate High Courts. We have the capability of handling complex appeal matters irrespective of the industry or technology they pertain to. We also handle appeals filed from the High Courts to the Supreme Court.

Pre-Grant and Post-Grant Opposition

Patent opposition matters usually involve legal and technical questions of varying degrees of complexity. We handle both pre-grant and post-grant oppositions and our Attorneys are well capable of drafting compelling arguments that perfectly synthesize legal and technical matters.

Revocation of Patent

With the abolition of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), the hon’ble High Courts are now empowered to inter alia hear Patent Revocation matters. Our Attorneys are adept at handling the technical and legal aspects of filing patent invalidation actions as well as defending against them.

Patent Annuity Payments (Patent Renewal)

Patents are among a company’s most valuable intangible assets. We monitor portfolios systematically and provide cost effective patent renewal and restoration services in order to prevent these important assets from being abandoned.


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